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Returning Soon...

[OP] jjny15 StaffPixelnation posted May 19, 14
Hey guys, you havent heard from me in a while. BUT! My top priority has been high school. It's currently almost over. Then I'll have more time for the server. I'll come back this weekend and see how it's been goin'.
[Gym] friend6000 Sorry for posting unrelated content here but I never came back on the server since about June and I assume that I'm no l ...

Server 'Make Over' Update 2

[Owner] blackhawk944 StaffE4 ChampionWebDevPixelnation posted May 10, 14
Dear all,
Since the last update the new region (Darklo) has been half completed! Darklo is a small compact and not like any other region. On completion of Darklo Server will open but for a while Darklo will not look amazing as it is Work In progress and will be for a while so if you adventure to it don't expect anything special ;) 
Darklo conatins 8 new gyms but they will not be open for a few weeks and Darklo will have its own e4 too! looking forward to seeing you all back on
ernestoflores but when will open?

Server 'Make Over' Update 1

[Owner] blackhawk944 StaffE4 ChampionWebDevPixelnation posted May 9, 14
Hi guys! 
As Many of you know the server is whitelisted for a 'Make over'. The Server has been down for around 6 hours now and quite a bit of progress has been made! All Gyms That where in a need of a remodel have been redesigned (Rock, Fire, Ground, Poison) Poison still needs some changes but that will be got to! Prof.Oaks lab has also changed and so have all the PokeCenters and PokeMarts! The PokeCenters and PokeMarts have all been made bigger and more usefull so there are now more items in the PokeMarts! The Pokemall has also been improved now containing admin shops and a TM room! The TM room is still being added to and only has some basics at the moment but more TM's will be added. Also Items from Hell ;) have now all been moved to the mall to for ease of access to them.
The New Region will be started tomorrow and will be worked on throughout the weekend! 
At the moment the server is predicted to be reopened for all members on Sunday Night 8PM UK Time.
Check up for more update news and a more precise reopen time over the next two days.
Stay Awesome
hashblock2012 How would we get whitelisted or sign up for whitelisting ?


[Owner] blackhawk944 StaffE4 ChampionWebDevPixelnation posted Apr 14, 14
Hi guys, the server is now 3.0.4!:D Sorry for the wait, i was originally going to wait for the 1.7 update but due to many complaints i changed my mind and updated for you guys:) Please enjoy and have fun:)
Also could everyone please share the server video and help the server grow:) Many Many Many Thanks

Ruben Nice sign thing that's shows if the server is online or not


[Owner] blackhawk944 StaffE4 ChampionWebDevPixelnation posted Mar 26, 14
Okay guys, server may not go up till saturday. My file acces has been removed for some reason and the files are fucked somehow, i can sort it easy but i need access. To gain acces the host need to regive me it.
If they get there ass in gear i can have it up in next 4 hours top but if not its friday earliest as ill have no internet until Friday night as im finally moving into my new house tomorrow!! As long as i get access back it will be up for the weekend:) 
My Apologies
[Owner] blackhawk944 StaffE4 ChampionWebDevPixelnation Your the fucking dumbass! It's not as simple as that you retard! It's not the fact that I can't start it! It's the fact ...
Gershon Ban hammered You dumbass it takes you 4 hours just to press on the "start server" button?
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